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My name is Mariah Murdock I’m 20, and I’m so excited to be entering for Miss RaveX 2020 for the second year in a row! I would love nothing more than to be apart of what you guys are continuing to build and work with you guys at events and such. I think I would be a great fit because I have experience in the social media world as I do influencing and modeling as another job. I truly believe I could help you guys grow, get your name out there more, and be a positive role model for everyone as well. I believe in truly being yourself and helping others and staying a positive figure no matter what’s thrown my way. I’ve really grown in the last year with my social media as well as my modeling I’ve been doing more shoots and really getting into the world of marketing and how business works. Working with brands is something that I love to do it’s been a passion for a few years now and I plan to continue it and grow as much as I can and I plan to do so much more for myself on my brand as well as my YouTube. Thank you guys so much for this opportunity once again!