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Good morning,

As soon as I saw the opportunity to represent Ravex for 2020, it really caught my attention. Growing social media through posting unique photos, and attending events, is the life-blood of my own business. In 2015 I made one Facebook post, advertising for my horse training, it got one like. It took patience and time, failures to learn new methods. Then, through commitment and grit, I now have over 1,600 documented clients and followers collectively on my farm’s social media pages. And, being a 20 year old business owner, I’ve learned the importance of embracing every opportunity, to use it for learning and growth. Showing up, meeting new people, and stepping out of my comfort zone is my method for success. I believe the mentality I’ve used to grow my own business in a few short years, would benefit Rave X immensely. Congeniality, confidence and hospitality are the keys to happy customers, and I’ve mastered those traits. I’d be happy to share my photos, effort and time with your company.