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Well, this whole ride started in 2004 when I used a crappy old desktop computer to piece together some clips that my riding buddies had put together. I [Dave] made a 20 minute edit with some killer music and mediocre snowmobiling. At that point, nobody local was making snowmobile films so we actually mailed some of our mini dv tapes to a film company out west....but they didn't use any of the footy. No big deal...we'll start our own series someday.
In 2005, Ralph and I had started a shop in Maine called Rave X Motorsports. What better way to advertise than to make a movie. In 2009, Rave X teamed up with Mission Trailers (Trapper Clark) and Patra Company (Travis Steward and Paul Michaud) to kick off an extreme snowmobile DVD series. That series was coined the name Fresh by Ralph Gallagher, Co-owner of Rave X. The first film was fairly short at about 30 minutes. We did not have much footage at that time so we highlighted a few of our freestyle shows and then added some shots of our local street stunt buddies, the vertical outlaws. Below is the cover of the first film designed by Logan Feeney.

After the first film, our friends at Patra company got too busy to continue with the next film so we found another filmer (Chris Malenfant of NRN films) and took the reigns ourselves. Thankfully we still had the support of Mission trailers and a few more sponsors including Fly Racing, Deviant ink (formerly Sledwraps.com) and HMK.
NRN films worked hard over the next 2 years to film and edit Fresh 2 and 3 to help create some hype in the northeast about our series.
From here, the FRESH series started to pick up national distributors like Western Power Sports, Impact Video, Platinum Distribution, Dirthouse Distribution and Automatic Distributors. Our videos were not quite comparable to the other films on the market like Thunderstruck, Slednecks, Turnagain Hardcore, Braaap and 509 films. However, we were not going for a top notch expensive film. We wanted to just document our travels and allow our fans and customers to get to know us behind the scenes.
Below is one of our first teasers on youtube, Fresh 2: Don't Quit your Day Job by NRN Films.

After creating 2 great Rave X films, Chris moved on with some other life projects which forced us to buy a new computer, camera and elicit some help from friend, Jesse Croteau, to help create Fresh 4.

The next few years flew by as we worked on Fresh 5 through 9. We had some awesome segments throughout that series including epic freestyle shows in Valcourt and Montreal, QC. We performed for the 2015 Skidoo Snowmobile reveal in Quebec City. We shut down St. Catherine's Street in Montreal to backflip in the middle of the city for their anniversary.
During this time behind the camera we got some great follies recorded as our friends destroyed their sleds and there bodies.
Finally we have landed here. Fresh Ten. My cover didnt turn out as planned. The word "ten" was much more vibrant on my computer screen. Oh well, we give most of these out for free to promote ourselves and our sponsors anyway. I am actually really proud that we are still chugging away and producing these movies for our friends and fans.

This series is only successful because of the sponsors that continually stand behind us. Brands like Team EJP Racing, Portland Motor Sales, Sunstoppers, Amsoil: Four Season Synthetic, Simard and Sons, Agua, Boss Power Equipment, MBRP Exhaust, Ultimax Belts, Blue Rock Stone Center, Island Cove Builders, A Plus Truck Sales, Chappell Tractor, Bob's Auto Sales and Motorcycles of Manchester. This is just to name a few. Thank you!