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Thrillseekers Rave X Seat Cover KLX Thrillseekers Rave X Seat Cover KLX

Custom Rave X Seat cover for the KLX 110 built by Thrillseekers.

MSRP: $95.00

Thrill Seekers Collection was born through an underlying passion for good times and rad habits.

Growing up, Austin Prida tested out every action involved sport in search of a thrill and an adrenaline rush. After years of BMX, skating and riding dirt bikes, Prida decided to take his motocross passion seriously. He began riding and racing while working at his old man's local motorcycle shop. With serious injuries & surgeries preventing Austin from reaching his racing goals at a professional level, he encountered an opportunity to build and operate his own motocross facility. He then decided to turn his focus away from racing in order to build a future that allowed him to continue riding for fun and provide a place for likeminded people to enjoy themselves.

Austin Prida owned and operated 212 Land: “A Thrill Seekers Paradise”, a motocross and action sports facility that soon became well known in San Diego and surrounding areas. Over the course of his multi-year lease, Prida created a one-of-a-kind paradise for all action sports enthusiasts through orchestrating incredible events with an old school vibe and experimenting with new obstacles for racers, free riders and BMX riders. As the lease came to a closure, Prida knew he couldn’t give up on the sport of motocross or sharing his passion for chasing a thrill. 

During his racing years Prida, went through countless seat covers trying to find a cover that wouldn't get destroyed after a few laps with his knee braces. He was tired of getting a new cover every month so Prida set out to create his own. With a first hand riding knowledge and some determination to keep his passions alive, Prida created THRILL SEEKERS.

Three years later, we still strive to create the best functioning, raddest looking and long lasting seat covers on the market. With countless hours of testing, designing and riding Thrill Seekers seat covers have become something like no other. Our one of a kind sewing innovation and off the wall designs have made waves in the motocross community. Now offering a range of products for every Thrill Seeker out there with hats, shirts, jackets, socks, Fundies, backpacks and much more.