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Ride on Air with an AIRHAWK® ® comfort seating system. AIRHAWK® seat cushions are an air-filled seat pad that is guaranteed to DOUBLE YOUR RIDE TIME!

Soft, flexible interconnected air cells evenly distribute pressure throughout the pad and conforms to your shape. The breathable cover allows air to flow through the cushion, keeping you cool and dry.

Let’s choose the right AIRHAWK comfort seating system for your bike. Remember the seat pad doesn’t need to cover the entire seat, only where you sit.

First, measure the widest part of the seat, near where your tailbone would rest.

Then measure the length of your seat from the furthest back your butt will sit to where the seat narrows for your legs. Don’t measure the area of the seat where you don’t sit. Find the AIRHAWK® model that most closely matches these measurements.

Now that you have your AIRHAWK® cushion, let’s get it installed and inflated properly. In the box you will find the bladder, cover, and the straps to hold the pad on your seat.

Before installing, place the empty bladder in the cover cell side up with the valve exposed. Then fully inflate the bladder, by turning the valve counterclockwise to open, inflate using your mouth until all air cells are full. Turn the valve clockwise to close. Now place the seat pad on your seat where you’d like it.

Wrap the straps under the seat crisscrossed or straight, whichever works best for your bike. Adjust the strap lengths as needed.

Now that your AIRHAWK® cushion is installed, you’ll need to find the right inflation level.

Sit on the seat in your normal riding position with your feet on the pegs. Open the valve to release air until you sink down into the pad. It’s important to note that most people tend to over inflate the cushion. It’s designed to work with a minimal amount of air. LESS is BEST.

To test this, slowly lean your body from side to side. You should be able to feel the air transfer beneath you slightly. If you feel yourself touching the base of your bike seat, add some more air and repeat the adjustment process. If you have to adjust your mirrors or if you feel wobbly, your AIRHAWK® is most likely is overinflated. Ultimately when finished, the cushion will be about 1/4 to 1/3 full.

Once you find the right inflation level, you might want to clear your calendar, it’s time to RIDE ON AIR