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Moose Racing M1.3 Long Buckle Kit FMF Dirtbike Wash Plug Muc Off Expanding Pink Sponge
  • Toe cap/screw Kit - includes one cap and five screws
  • Buckle Kit – black & white include four buckles and eight mounting screws
  • Strap Kit – black & white include four straps and four buckle locks
  • Large Strap Kit (available in black only) – include three 8” straps, one 6” strap and four buckle locks
  • Imported

Protect your FMF exhaust with this FMF Washplug , and remember, remove before flight!

2-Stroke wash plug diameter is 0.525"-1.15"

4-Stroke wash plug diameter is .95"-2.0"

Note* Wash plug cannot be used with some spark arrestor/quiet inserts. Please remove inserts before using washplug.

Muc-Off’s Microcell expanding sponge is contoured to an ergonomic shape
for maximum comfort and ease of use. We’ve also vacuum packed it to take
up less space and to use less packaging materials. Don’t worry though,
once you’ve opened our perfectly pink sponge, it expands into an easy to
use, bike and wheel friendly size!
Muc Off Claw Brush Muc Off Wheel and Component Brush Thor Trailer Hitch Cover

Muc-Off’s Wheel & Component Brush is shaped and contoured specifically to clean rims and spokes with ease. Its unique design features an impact resistant, dual density handle and durable nylon bristles.

NB: To maintain performance of all brushes avoid use with boiling water and on hot parts. We recommend using warm water and allowing all hot parts to cool before use.

  • Ideal for rims
  • Ideal for Spokes
  • Ideal for Wheels
  • Durable nylon bristles
  • Impact resistant handle

Fork Seal Mate Muc Off Microfiber Drying Cloth Muc Off Silicon Shine
Fork Seal Mate
MSRP: $9.99
Seal Mate is a tool designed to fix leaking fork seals,
on any dirt bike or street bike (See our full list of compatible bikes
here). Many motorcycle shops can charge upwards of $300 to replace your fork seals, in most cases your fork seals are leaking due to dirt and debris stuck between the seals. Seal Mate can safely remove the dirt from in under 5 minutes, while saving you up to $300.

Our Premium Microfibre cloths aren’t just cloths – they're a gateway to effortless cleaning, drying and polishing power at your fingertips! Muc-Off Microfibre cloths contain an amazing ‘split-fibre’ technology, that vastly increases surface area absorbency to easily eliminate smears and blemishes. As well as this, our microfibre’s trap dirt deep in the pile of the cloth – which helps to avoid the chance of swirling, which could ultimately lead to damaged paintwork. Because our cloths are made up of very small fibres, you’ll be cleaning at a much deeper level, meaning that whether it’s interiors or exteriors, bikes or cars, you can be sure you are removing the dirt and grime!

The Muc-Off R&D team thought of everything and made sure that these handy cleaning cloths are machine washable, meaning they can be used time and time again!

Please note: You may receive a blue Premium Microfibre cloth. It the same as our grey cloth, but we changed the color.

Muc Off Foam Fresh Helmet Cleaner Muc Off Motorcycle Chain Brush Muc Off Biodegradable Air Filter Cleaner
Muc-Off Foam Fresh is a highly effective, easy to use foam cleaner which
is ideal for helmet liners or any soft material which comes into
contact with the rider. Foam Fresh has an instant foaming action, which
gently agitates dirt and grime away from the surface leaving a fresh
Citric Burst fragrance. Even the cleanest looking riding gear benefits
from this uniquely formulated product.  It's awesome for use on
pads, gloves, shoes, liners and body armour.

The Muc-Off Chain Brush is an essential tool for keeping your motorcycle's chain spotlessly clean and running smooth. The multi-faceted, ergonomically-shaped brush is designed to clean 3 sides of the chain at any one time, its bristles penetrate deep between links and rollers for a deeper clean, which all help to keep your chain in optimum condition for longer.

For the best results, apply 'Muc-Off Chain Cleaner' to a dry motorcycle chain and agitate using the 'Chain Brush', agitate around the entire length of the chain, regularly applying more chain cleaner, wash down with water and allow to dry before applying your choice of Muc-Off (weather-specific) chain lube for the best, long-lasting results.

NB: To maintain performance of all brushes avoid use with boiling water and on hot parts. We recommend using warm water and allowing all hot parts to cool before use.

Muc Off Dry Chain Degreaser Muc Off Motorcycle Cleaner Muc Off Snow Foam Cleaner

The Original Grunge Brush Muc Off Biodegradable Chain Cleaner Muc Off Waterless Wash

The Grunge Brush is the first specifically designed brush that cleans motorcycle and ATV chains. The Grunge Brush has an innovative design that cleans chain from three angles at once. A long handle keeps fingers away from chain and brush bristles will not harm O-ring or X-ring chains. The Grunge Brush enables you to clean your chain with ease!

  • Three-sided bristles allow you to clean all four sides of your chain and the long bristle side lets you clean other parts of your bike like sprockets and wheels.
  • Easily adjustable for all sizes of motorcycle, ATV, and bicycle chains.
  • Replaceable bristles ensure the Grunge Brush will last a lifetime.
  • Regular component cleaning prevents premature wear and tear on chain and sprockets which assures smooth operation of the drivetrain.
  • Note: Replacement bristle block set sold separately.

Muc-Off Waterless Wash is a highly advanced, easy to use spray which cleans and polishes in seconds without the need for water. It details your whole bike, motorcycle or car in seconds leaving behind a streak free shine. Its innovative formula is designed to encapsulate any surface dirt to prevent scratching.

Use it to remove light contaminants in between major washes.

  • Cleans and polishes in one application
  • No need for water!
  • Long lasts lustre
  • No residual dust or streaks
  • Non-sticky
  • Powder free
  • Suitable to use on bicycles, motorcycles, cars & R.V's

Muc Off 3 Brush Cleaning Kit FMF Umbrella Alpinestars Trailer Hitch Cover
FMF Umbrella
MSRP: $29.99
Rave X Price: $23.99
Savings: $6.00

Over the decades, FMF has seen an amazing transformation in the world of motorcycles and ATVs. The progression of the technology is one of the challenges that keeps them going. There is always one major force that keeps FMF motivated - throwing a leg over the bike and heading for the trails or the track. The biggest reward is knowing FMF is helping their customers get the most out of their riding experience.

  • 60" vented track umbrella.
  • Eight-panel collapsible umbrella with molded handle.
  • Contrast panels.
  • Screenprints.
  • Closing strap.
  • 52" opening.
Muc Off Motorcycle Care Kit Moose Racing Boot Wash Dry Stand RSI Large Bar Pads

  • Designed for easy boot washing and drying
  • Set boots upside down to wash, helps keep water from entering inside the boot
  • Keep boots on stand for drying
  • Comes with carrying handle
  • Powder coated steel construction
  • New revolutionary molded rubber 3-D cover.
  • Innovative design will not separate or crack when it's below freezing or from being roosted.
  • EVA sculptured foam helps protect rider from sharp bolt edges and objects on the handlebar assembly.
  • Fits most aftermarket or factory handlebars AND RSI 6" and 8" Chromoly Rise handlebars.
  • Also works great on Tapered Dirt Bike Handlebars.
  • Available in Black, Blue, White, Camo, and Woody.
RSI Small Bar Pads RSI Round Bar Pads Erickson 750 Lb ATV Ramp Plate Kit
Erickson 750 Lb ATV Ramp Plate Kit
MSRP: $39.99
Rave X Price: $34.99
Savings: $5.00
  • New revolutionary molded rubber 3-D cover.
  • Innovative design will not separate or crack when it's below freezing or from being roosted.
  • EVA sculptured foam helps protect rider from sharp bolt edges and objects on the handlebar assembly.
  • Fits RSI Chromoly Rise Handlebars
  • These small pads works great on Polaris snowmobiles with steel handlebars because these Polaris models do not have any protection for the rider from the handlebar clamps/bolts.
  • Available in Black, White, and Camo
  • New 3-D molded foam design with molded rubber cover.
  • Innovative design will not separate or crack when it is below freezing or being roosted.
  • Helps protect rider from sharp bolt edges on handlebar risers.
  • Round design fits handlebars with crossbars and is a direct replacement pad for Polaris models with Pro Taper handlebars.
  • Available in Black, White and Camo.
  • Fits AXYS RMK and provides crossbar protection.
  • Extruded aluminum construction

  • 7.25in wide x 8.25in long

  • 1.5in drop in plate

  • 9mm anchor holes on 5in center

  • 750 lb rated

  • Made of 1/4 aluminum

  • Hardware included

Thor Helmet Bag Fly Racing Tool Pack Thor Goggle Bag
Thor Helmet Bag
MSRP: $39.95
Thor Goggle Bag
MSRP: $44.95
  • Micro fleece lined helmet bag
  • Double stitched reinforced handle
  • Ventilation holes promote airflow and decrease odor
  • 1200D ballistic polyester shell
  • Standard dimensions: 16” (l) x 10” (w) x 12” (h)
  • Metric dimensions: 140.64 cm (l) x 25.4 cm (w) x 30.5 cm (h)

  • YKK® Shockonlok™ main buckle resists water absorption often caused by high humidity. Properties are stable under extreme temperatures such as cold mountain top air and desert heat
  • Removable flap reduces weight for lighter ride days and less hassle for mechanics
  • Tire tube pocket is big enough to fit a spare tube or other necessities
  • Tool compartment with key loop, clear plastic bolt pocket, fold down mesh pocket and elastic straps specifically designed to fit the basic tools needed to fix your bike on the trail
  • Water bottle side pocket
  • Side tool loops are wide and clutter free
  • Nylon grip strap helps keep the strap from loosening up and keeps it secure to the body
  • No-slip back keeps pack in a secure position on rough terrain

  • Easily stores four goggles between adjustable foam padded inserts
  • Additional pockets to hold extra lenses, tear-offs, rolls of film and accessories
  • Double stitched reinforced handle –1200D ballistic polyester shell with nylon support piece that provides structure
  • Stress free way to organize your eyewear
  • Standard dimensions: 16” (l) x 9.5” (w) x 4.5” (h)
  • Metric dimensions: 40.64 cm (l) x 24.13 cm (w) x 11.43 cm (h)