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My entry to the Miss Rave X 2019 search is more than just a competition to me... It is a chance to help local business grow. I have been passionate about motorsports and the outdoors as long as I can remember, basically my entire life. You know from my previous entries that I have been a promotional model for 5+ years, traveling and promoting a variety of brands and I have been a fan and customer of RaveX for years.

If I was chosen to be Miss Rave X 2019, it would not just be a title to me.. it would be an amazing opportunity to help promote a brand and lifestyle that I love. I am less than two hours from the Portland store and with my flexible schedule I would make it first priority to be at all RaveX sponsored events to help support my team and friends.
I would also plan to promote the brand on all social media platforms as much as I possibly could, and try to help your business gain new customers and followers. Not only with a background in promotional experience but also a background in retail, I would be able to greet customers and help sell merchandise at RaveX events.
I truly believe in myself that I am a motivated woman who can proudly carry the Miss RaveX title while helping your business reach new people and new places.
Thank you for this chance It is always a pleasure to enter into this search for the next "Miss RaveX" ❤️