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The Company

It all began with an idea. Years ago, while out riding with friends, the discussion came up about flipping thumb throttles around. The conversation stayed with me and I started asking myself whether riding this way was actually better. I saw an undeniable advantage in using thumbs for grip and stability, instead of holding a throttle. And so the idea to design the finger throttle was born.

This was just the beginning. We now have an expanded product line, however, we refuse to sacrifice quality. All of our items are designed, assembled and inspected at our workshop in Whistler, BC. Product testing continues as long as there is snow around, and when the snow is gone, it’s back to the drawing board to innovate, improve and refine.

Our passion fuels progression, not only in our riding, but also our products. From the humble beginnings of the finger throttle, Munster Innovations continues to expand its product line to meet the demands of todays riders.

High performance riding requires high performance parts and as a company that endeavours to create quality, well constructed product, Munster Innovations aims to not let your riding be limited by the failures of poor design and manufacturing. We are a rider driven company, constantly looking for ways to improve sled performance to make "doing what we love" more enjoyable.