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Does Rave X stock Klim? Here is the answer.

14 years ago Rave X opened shop to sell brands like HMK, Slednecks, Troy Lee Designs, Fly Racing and Klim (pronounced "climb") when no other dealers wanted to or knew about them. For our first 5 years, Ralph and I put in lots of hard work selling $400 shell jackets to people with 30lb leathers. Very hard sell. Soon the layering system caught on and Klim got big. However, they did not take small business with them. Klim has great product but they have no loyalty to the dealers that built the brand. However, HMK and Fly stuck with us. Thanks to our friend, Kirk Zack owner of HMK and our friends at Western Power Sports. Brands that stick by us are brands that we we wish to sell at Rave X. We have added ToBe 2.0, Katahdin and FXR through the years to fill the shop and we are very happy with all of these brands. Not just quality but corporate support. If you wear Klim and love it, that is awesome. This is simply stating why we do not have Klim at Rave X. Pray for snow!!!!!